Abraham Lincoln- to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow, and his orphan.



If we have never met, our names are Rob Wheeler and Will Radke. We are the Founders of The BattleFitted Foundation, a Non-Profit organization. Founded and ran by veterans.

 We are in the works to create programs in response to Mental health issues in our Veterans, Active Duty Military, and First responders that have had trauma.

As a 10 year Veteran of the US Navy, I Rob Wheeler, have carried with me a sense of pride and personal growth through my experiences in the Navy.  I also adopted a sense of determination to help other people improve and grow as I did. I feel that once upon a time, and perhaps because of the Navy, and my mental health issues fitness saved my life. 


It became my dream and goal to extend that to other people who also wanted to improve their health, fitness, and emotional well being.

The BattleFitted Foundation is looking for your support as we are currently working on our Battle Buddy Program, a system that systematically will change how Veterans and Active Duty Military,and  First responders have to deal with a variety of issues, stemming from their service.

We know that times are tough and this is why we created this foundation.  With your support no warrior will be left behind. The funds that we receive will help us greatly set up our infrastructure and create these programs  so desperately needed in order to help.


Please consider purchasing our products to help us continue to give back to others.  Fitness did not only save my life, but it continues to be an integral part of my life.  However that is just a fraction of my own story. 


Will and I want to help others.  Think about who you know in your own life.  Do you know a Veteran needing help?  Are you, yourself, a Veteran that could benefit from help? All monies collected will go straight to the cost of providing programs and  services.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read this and for any donation you feel you can make.  THANK YOU. 



Rob Wheeler

Will Radke




All Proceeds from our gear go to help end Veteran Suicide by creating programs of support.